Steven W. Horst

Philosophy Department Chair

Steven Horst is Professor and Chair of Philosophy. His research interests include philosophy of mind, cognitive science, philosophy of science, and metaphysics. In addition to this course, he also teaches courses in philosophy of mind, Early Modern philosophy, and moral psychology.

Tushar Irani

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Letters

Tushar Irani is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the College of Letters. Apart from his interest in philosophy as a way of life, he works on issues of philosophical method, the history and practice of rhetoric, virtue ethics, and moral psychology in Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. He has a particular research interest in Plato.

Stephen Angle

Professor of Philosophy and Mansfield Freeman Professor of East Asian Studies

Stephen Angle specializes in Chinese philosophy, Confucianism, Neo-Confucianism, and comparative philosophy, and his research focuses on philosophy’s role in human rights, politics, and ethics both in China and globally.

Jennifer D'Andrea
Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

Jennifer D’Andrea is a clinical psychologist and the director of Wesleyan’s Counseling and Psychological Services. Her area of specialization is the prevention and treatment of psychotic spectrum illnesses, and she is enthusiastic about the theory and application of the First, Second, and Third Waves of Positive Psychology. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses at Wesleyan.