Most of the reading assignments for this course will be done through an online resource called Perusall. Perusall displays PDF documents, but also

  • makes them available as dated reading assignments
  • allows annotation of text, both private and for others to read
  • allows interactive commentary on texts—you can read and respond to what other people have commented, and this can both deepen everyone’s reading and make for better class time by letting the professors know beforehand what people did/didn’t understand and were most engaged by
  • certifies that you did the reading
  • has an AI that distills the most asked questions and talked-about topics

You will need to sign up for a Perusall account. To begin the process, click here. To access this course in Perusall, you will require a code, which you will receive by e-mail. (Please get in touch with your professors if you need this code during the semester.)

There is also helpful instructional material for new users of Perusall at the following links: