There are a number of individuals and institutions who have helped make this course and website possible.

Much of the momentum building up to this course came from events over the preceding years: an NEH Summer Institute held at Wesleyan University in 2018, and the founding of a Philosophy as a Way of Life Consortium by the University of Notre Dame with funding from the Mellon Foundation, which is hosting annual summer conferences.

Thanks also to the people at Notre Dame and the Mellon Foundation for two subgrants, one to experiment with the use of Peer Dialogue Facilitators, the other to collaborate over the summer of 2020 to put together a large online/hybrid course and develop this website. Special thanks to Meghan Sullivan and Paul Blaschko, who visited in February of 2020 to give an introduction to the Peer Dialogue Program, and to Wes Siscoe and Sam Kennedy who led an online “boot camp” for our Peer Dialogue Facilitators. We are particularly grateful to Paul Blaschko for consulting in course and website design throughout the summer of 2020, and to a team of student workers who helped assemble content and images: Jessica Beeg, Julia French, Ross Jensen,  Sam Kennedy, Katherine Machado, and Chase Miller.

We would also like to give thanks to people at Wesleyan’s ITS and Center for Pedagogical Development: Alyssa Marinaccio, Rachel Schnepper, Jennifer Rose, Amy Grillo, Sarah Ryan, and Jeffrey Goetz.

Special thanks to Brianna Mebane, our student web design consultant, and Lexie Silverman, who provides in-class technical support for our Zoom broadcasts.